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Kongu Kula Theivam in Karur

List of temples :  Kongu Kula Theivam

In Karur

1.Vangalamman Temple , Vangal, Karur

 The Temple of the Perungudis where the Perungudi Kootam of Kongu Vellala Gounders worship their deity goddess, "the Powerful Vangalamman". There is also a Mariamman shrine in the same compound
Website: www.sripudhuvangalamman.net

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2. Puthu Kaliyamman temple Manmangalam

Vanathusami (sangli karupu) and Puthu Kaliyamman temple Manmangalam

This is belongs to  Venduvan kootam & Kari kootam

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 3. Chellandiyamman Temple, near Kadambankuricchi , Karur

These is the Temple for Sengannan koolam which belongs to Kongu Vellala Gounder

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4 .Sri MalaiAmman Temple ,Thottakurichi ,near Karur, Tamil Nadu, India
  This temple belongs to porulthantha kulam

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5.Sri Arulmigu Kaliyamman Kovil (Perunkudi Kuttam -ThattaiyaNadu)

This temple belongs to  Puliyur perunkudi kootam  &  also sri allai arasu
 old temple is there near by area


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 6, Sri Soliamman, Sri Muthusamy Temple, Athur,Karur

website: www.srisoliamman.org

* Kongu Vellala Gounders Kula deivam,
* Temple Linked With KAADAI KULAM And Valliayan Kulam,
* Every year at JUNE month car festival will be held,
* Neary by 8 kms(on the west) from textile city(Karur),
* This Temple is Surrounded by Solieshwarar Temple, Muniyappan Temple,Varadharaja Perumal Temple,Chinna Mariamman,Periya Mariamman Temple


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7. Arungarai amman kovil,chinnadharapuram,karur.
    - Pannai kootam

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8. Sri Ponnachi Amman Temple

Sri Ponnachi Amman Temple is the Semboothaan Kulatheivam of Hindu - Kongu Vellalar Gounders (கொங்கு வேளாள கவுண்டர்).
Located in Atthipalayam, Karur - Dist, Tamilnadu,India.

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9.  Chellandi Amman Temple, Kattampatti , Kattampatti ,Ungampalayam , Karur
   &  Sekkadi Periyasamy temple

This temple in Kattampatti, is worshipped along with Sekkadi Periyasamy as a Clan god for the Thurkachi Maniyan kootam.Ungampalayam

Karur District, Thurkatchi Panchayat. Village on Noyyal River, named after Ungaan - Stone Carver (Ottan). In 1700s people had migrated here from Mohanur, Namakkal Dist. Most people live here are of Thurkatchi (Thukkatchi) Manian Kootam, having clan temple in Kattampatti (2 km). They belong to third section of Manian kootam, apart from Mohanur Manian and Muthur Manian.

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10. RajaKovil, Temple, Kodandur, Chinnadharapuram, Karur

   This temple belongs to Maniyan kulam/kootam

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11. Maruthayee & Marutha Kaaliyamman Temple  Pallamaruthapatti, Pavithram , Karur

 This temple belongs to Kaadai kulam/koottam.  Pavithra kaadai

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12. Sri Sellandiamman & Anai karuppannasamy Nagampalli ,Aravakkurichi ,Karur

This temple belongs to  aadi,andhuvan,sasachandai & poochandai kulams

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  1. Hi vanakkam to all, I am belongs to Andhuvan kulam my kulatheivam is sri Sellandiamman & Anai karuppannasamy which was located near Aravakkurichi in the Amaravathi river bed ,[Nagampalli ]which includes aadi,andhuvan,sasachandai & poochandai kulams , one of the very famous & big temple in this area, pls add in this details, which is known as Nagampalli Sellandiammen koil & Anai Karuppanasamy Temple ,Thanks Karupusami

  2. Hai...I belong to venduvan kootam....pudhu kaliamman kovil manmangalam....Can you give me more details and history about our kootam..??

  3. Hi Kannan, Kindly check the below link for more detail about கொங்கு வெள்ளாளர்- வெண்டுவன் கூட்ட வரலாறு.

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  5. Kadai kootam and andhuvan kootam can marry each other or not..pls reply

  6. Kadai kootam and andhuvan kootam can marry each other or not..pls reply