Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kangeyam In Kongu Region

Kangeyam (Tamilகாங்கேயம்) is a municipality in Tirupur district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Kangeyam was the capital of Kongu Nadu for many centurie
There is no definite origin for the word Kongu, several scholars have given their views. The name Kongu Nadu is believed to have been gained from 'Kongadesam', "Konga" a derivant of the term "Ganga", meaning 'land of the Gangas' see Western Ganga Dynasty. Kangayam is the old capial of Kongu Nadu, (Sanskrit: Ganga+eyam = Gangeyam : seat of the Western Ganga Dynasty. Kongu means in Sangam Tamil 'border'.A more appropriate meaning is honey or nectar of flowers as the Kongu country had vast stretches of forests

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