Thursday, December 13, 2012

Kongu Cuisine

Kongu Cuisine:  Basically it is a collection of recipes from all the different towns of this region over centuries .
Cuisine speciality:
  • Traditional way of cooking.
  • No marination of non vegetarian items.
  • Tumeric is always used [fresh or roased and ground].
  • Use of oil and chilli is less
  • Use of unpeeled potatoes use and milk in curries.
  • Use of coconut shells to cook meat gravies easily.  
  • Use  of "Coparai" (dry coconut) in curries and gravies rather than fresh coconut 
  • Use mangoes to prepare various sweets 
  • Cook delicacies using various cereals such as rye, bajra, jowar for their main course.
  • Consume butter milk and sweet as the second last course and rasam as the last.
First time in cooking: 
  • "Venpongal" and "Kottu" recipes to crop up.
  • Drumstick leaves used to make ghee from butter.
  • Concept of "Pickle Making" using gingelly oil was conceived here as sesame crop was cultivated in Arachalur, Erode and Nathakadaiyur.
  • 'Jasmine Idlis', which has a special character of regaining its shape and texture even when pressed
  • "Vadagams" prepared by drying meat . 
  • "Panchamirtham" : From the region of Kulithalai and Pollachi were the special type of bananas were grown known as "Viruppachi Vazhaipazham". This was developed in the temple kitchen, where expert chefs prepared a dish which speaks for itself. It contains viruppachi plantains, kandasari sugar, dates, kalkandu [sugar candy],cardamom and ghee.
  • "Kali" prepared from use pulses like maize, ragi, bajra was from the region of Karur, Kangeyam and Palladam.
  • Pathaneer Halwa / Payasam and Illaneer Halwa / Payasam took shape here.
Kongunad special : few recipe names:
  • Pollachi yeral masala and pollachi mutton kuzhambu.
  • Thandu keema urundai.
  • Karur mutton kuzhambhu.
  • Keeranoor mutton kuzhambhu [mutton + vegetables]
  • Karimeen kuzhambhu [ fish + mutton].
  • Pallipalayam kozhi varuval [chiken +pallipalayam special masala]
  • Nathakadaiyur nandu masala [crab masala].
  • Attakatti yeral masala.
  • Aathur kozhi kuzhambhu .
Vegetarian recipes:
  • Benian [speciality of muslim cuisine ]
  • Mushroom thirattal [mushroom + groundnut masala].
  • Ellu kara dosai. 
  • Ragi roti.
  • Pallapatti kathirikai masala.
  • Kathamba saadam.
  • Kuchi kizhangu avial.
  • Salavu kuzhambu [use of herbs like thithili]
  • Drumstick leaf adai.
  • Karur kaai kurma.
  • Pachapuli rasam [tamarind + onion].
  • Nila kuzhambhu.[curry prepared with potato, colocassia, yam and sweet potato]
  • Kollu masiyal [horsegram boiled and ground to a paste along with spices]
  • Payiru thirattal [whole moong dhal+groundnut paste +onion +pepper]
  • Kaalaan parangi kari.

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